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MX250 Enterprise Media Exchange
Zultys MX250 Enterprise Media Exchange
MX250 Overview

The MX250 is a media exchange that integrates multimedia communications for the enterprise into a compact system that has standard interfaces for all connections. The MX250 integrates the functions of many devices previously available only in several disparate boxes. By integrating these functions into a single unit, Zultys provides a solution for your company?s communication needs that is cost effective and easily expanded.

The MX250 combines the functions of an Internet gateway (switch and router) with a PBX (line interface, analog circuits, auto attendant, voice mail, and ACD), and adds support for video calls. The system uses SIP to communicate with IP devices on the LAN or WAN. This standard protocol allows you to use the phone built into Windows Messenger or desktop phones from many manufacturers. Administrators use a single GUI on a PC to configure and monitor every aspect of the system. Initial deployment of the system is simple and straightforward. A list of users can be imported and phones can be automatically provisioned.

MX250 compatibility diagramThe MX250 connects to a standard Ethernet switch and to that switch you connect computers and phones. The connection to the LAN is made with one or two 100Base-T circuits, thereby providing redundancy. Additional redundancy is available with dual hard discs in a RAID 1 configuration, and ac and dc power inputs. Serviceability is simplified with a removable fan tray and clock battery.

The MX250 has three slots that accommodate interfaces for connection to the CO and ISP. Voice is supported on an analog module. Voice and data are supported on BRA, T1, and E1 modules.

Key Features
  • Supports 5 to 250 users in a single box
  • Expandable in capacity and function without purchasing additional hardware
  • Interconnect up to 32 boxes to support up to 8000 users.
  • Switches and routes voice, data, fax, and video
  • Connects to CO and ISP with up to four T1 or E1 circuits, 24 analog circuits, 12 ISDN BRA circuits, or a combination
  • 64 automated attendants
  • 400 hours of voice mail
  • 24 simultaneous accesses to auto attendant or voice mail
  • 64 operator groups
  • 64 ACD groups
  • 64 paging groups
  • Connects to phones and fax machines with up to 26 analog circuits
  • Automated configuration of phones
  • 50 VPN sessions directly support users over the Internet
  • Standards based QoS support
  • Internal fax termination and origination
  • Moves, adds, and changes can be done in minutes
  • SIP based ? allows use of standard phones or soft phones
  • G.711 or G.729 codecs
  • Interoperates with any standards based network infrastructure
  • Based on highly stable embedded Linux operating system
Extended Features
  • PBX and Telephony
  • Data Networking
  • MXIE - Tool for User Productivity
  • Encryption
  • ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
  • Autoattendant and Voicemail
  • Operators
  • Connection Options
  • CDR - Call Detail Recording
  • Quality of Service
  • System Capacities
  • System Administration
  • Power
  • Environmental
  • Technology
Zultys MX250
MX250 Product


Key Features

Extended Features

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