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MX250 Technical Specification
Zultys MX250 Enterprise Media Exchange
Features and Functions
  • Compatible with any SIP based phone or soft phone
  • Switch and routes voice, data, fax, and video
  • 64 automated attendants
  • 400 hours of voice mail
  • 24 simultaneous accesses by phone to voice mail or auto attendants
  • Unlimited access to voice mail through client PC
  • 64 operator groups and 64 ACD groups
  • Individual call routing based on Caller ID, presence, date and time, day of week, and more
  • 2 analog ports for connection to fax machines or speakerphones
  • Standards based QoS
  • Client software available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Internal fax termination and origination
  • Moves, adds, and changes can be done in minutes
  • Call detail reports
  • Instant Messaging and Chat
  • Presence
  • Call handling rules
  • Assignment of multiple devices per user
  • Sharing of a single device for multiple users
  • TAPI integration to Outlook, ACT!, and Maximizer
  • Flexible central dial plan
  • Central address book
  • 64 paging groups
  • Call pickup from another phone
  • Call center features
  • Call recording
  • Archiving for voicemail and instant messaging
  • Multi-Language support for global operation
  • Encryption of voice using 128-bit AES
  • Scalable to 10,000 users through peer-to-peer connectivity
Network Integration and Management
  • Scalable from 5 to 250 users
  • Application Layer Gateway (ALG) for ITSP access
  • Up to 24 analog circuits to connect to PSTN
  • Up to 12 ISDN BRA circuits to connect to PSTN and ISP
  • Up to 4 T1 or E1 circuits to connect to PSTN and ISP
  • Connect to PSTN using combination of analog, ISDN BRA, and T1 or E1
  • 2 lifeline ports that connect to 2 FXO circuits during complete power failure
  • 50 VPN sessions directly support users over the Internet
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Automated configuration of phones
  • Expandable in capacity and function without purchasing additional hardware
  • Interoperates with any standards based network infrastructure
  • Internal DHCP server
  • Internal TFTP server
  • Internal NTP server and client
  • Internal Firewall and NAT
  • PPP over T1 or E1
  • Single administration software for voice and data management
  • Administer system from any PC
  • Download client and administration software directly from MX250 using http
  • Tri-color LED for indication of power
  • Tri-color LED for indication of traffic load
  • Tri-color LED for indication of system status
  • Two IBM PowerPC industrial microprocessor s
  • Real time Linux operating system
  • VoiceXML auto attendant and voice mail
  • Dual hard discs for RAID 1 configuration
  • Three slots for interface cards
  • Dual fan tray
  • Ac or dc power input
  • Removable fan tray
Speech Quality and QoS
  • G.711 , µ-law and A-law
  • G.729A, and G.729AB voice compression
  • Dynamic jitter buffering minimizes latency
  • VLAN tagging and priority marking (IEEE 802.1q and IEEE 802.1p)
  • Differentiated Services (RFC 2474 and RFC 2475)
SIP Features
  • Session Initiation Protocol (RFC 3261)
  • RTP Payload for DTMF digits (RFC 2833)
  • Message Waiting Indication (MWI) for voicemail
  • Attended Transfer
  • Unattended Transfer
  • Negotiation of Codec (RFC 3264)
  • Specific Event Notification (RFC 3265)
  • Delayed SDP (receipt of session description in ACK)
  • Re-INVITE (for call Hold and session updates)
  • Call Forwarding (upon receipt of a 302 Moved Temporarily response)
  • Do Not Disturb (upon receipt of a 603 Decline response , call is routed to voice mail)
  • Internal registrar with database stores up to 8 contacts per user
  • Configurable RTP and SIP port numbers
Physical and Environmental
  • Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  • Weight: 8.2 kg (18 lb). Shipping weight 10.5 kg (23 lb)
  • Size: 430 mm (W) x 269 mm (D) x 85 mm (H) (17" x 1 0" x 3½")
  • Mount: Standard 19" rack from front, mid, or rear; 2 RU (89 mm)
  • Safety: UL 60950, CSA-C22.2, EN 60950:2001
  • EMI: FCC Part 15, ICES-003 class A, CISPR 22, AS/NZS 3548 Class A
  • EMC: CISPR 24 (EN55024:1998), EN61000-4
  • Warranty: one year
Zultys MX250
Technical Specification


Network Integration


Speech Quality/QoS

SIP Features


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