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IP communications, with all its advantages is now available and affordable to businesses of all sizes - from 5 employees up to 10,000. Zultys product

Zultys Technologies is a premier manufacturer of communications equipment for businesses and enterprises.

Its award winning products have provided the market with solutions that increase worker productivity and scale for future growth. Zultys has produced some of the most innovative designs that integrate functionality while fully inter operating with industry standard devices.

MX30 - for small to medium sized organizations with up to 30 users
MX250 - for medium to large sized organizations with up to 10,000 users

A Robust and Secure Voice System
Utilizing a highly stable real time Linux based operating system, the Zultys MX series of media exchanges are robust, reliable and secure.

Smooth and Painless Transition
You may be ready to completely transition your enterprise communications to VoIP today or perhaps you want to integrate a VoIP solution into your legacy voice infrastructure to evaluate the technology. The MX can easily handle either scenario using its standard interfaces for connectivity.

Real Time Collaboration - Presence and Instant Messaging
Presence and instant messaging from Zultys is secure because text messages and presence information never leave the enterprise. Instant messaging and presence allow for answers to questions in real time.

Connectivity for Remote Users
Remote users are connected to the main office using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). With the MX, a user can have an IP phone at their home office and have an IP phone on their desk at the main office. When a caller dials into the main office and enters the user’s extension the phone on the desk in the main office and the phone at the home office ring simultaneously. The user can take the call without the caller knowing where the user is located. Remote users have access to all of the features of the MX system and can work as efficiently as their colleagues in the main office.

Open Standard
The MX is based 100% on open standards and is highly scalable. It supports SIP based IP phones, video phones, soft phones, and many other appliances from different suppliers today, providing the business with flexibility and choice.

Return on Investment
The return on investment (ROI) starts from the day the MX system is first installed. Administrators install and easily manage the day to day functions of the system. Gone are the army of trained technicians, the van in the parking lot, and the high price tag that goes along with them.
Phone bills are instantly reduced because of the use of instant messaging and routing of phones calls over the private network between offices. Additionally, the MX can connect directly to Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) allowing for very low cost long distance and international calls.

VoIP Products
Zultys MX30

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Zultys MX250

MX250 Overview

MX250 Technical Spec


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